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BLP Through Being Cool 6 Sep 2020 Full Show Online


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indy shows


  • biblak 3 weeks ago

    Hiya, any chance for recent Stardom shows?
    I really appreciated your work, just not a big fan of indies, looking for them japanese shows. ta!

    • Christian 3 weeks ago

      Currently Stardom is not holding shows, as there were two positive cases of covid-19.

      • biblak 3 weeks ago

        they literally had two days of 5 Star GP bro

        • Quackhell 3 weeks ago

          Stardom World releases matches individually. Only the main events of those shows are available. So I imagine it will take a few days yet before the full shows will be posted here.

          • biblak 3 weeks ago

            nice one bro, ill keep waitin then ;))

        • Scroll down lol

  • Quackhell 3 weeks ago

    Thanks greatly appreciate it

  • GCW guy 3 weeks ago

    You added this but still no GCW replay

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