GCW For The Culture

GCW For The Culture (9 October 2020) Full Show Online

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  • I’m going to watch this show illegally because reparations

  • Joe Biden 1 week ago

    These niggers need to get back to the plantation before they are all lynched. Stick to picking cotton you jiggaboos.

  • Gcw fan 1 week ago

    When will the download links be uploaded?

  • Stream stopped working 1 week ago

    Pls fix the stream


  • Elias1 1 week ago

    Anyway we can get Intoupload links for the collective shows? Well The GCW, BLP & Shimmer shows aleast?

    • Quackhell 1 week ago

      I will also throw in a request for the Southern Underground Pro show if that is at all possible. It would be greatly appeciated.

  • Nssn 1 week ago

    Great .tysm.plz ensure that audio will be fixed for reply

  • Nope 1 week ago

    what the fuck is this shit?

    • AppleJuiceBox 1 week ago

      It’s a shitty wrestling show booked by horrible wrestler who thinks he is better than everyone else. Aj gray

      • Shut the fuck up pussy 1 week ago

        Thinks he’s better than everyone else? Guys humble as fuck you must be retarded also GCW isn’t shitty you are faggot

        • AppleJuiceBox 1 week ago

          Makes sense Aj gray fan is homophobic just like AJ Gray

          • Nope 1 week ago

            You mean homophobic, transphobic and pro-rape wrestler, AJ Gray?

          • AppleJuiceBox 1 week ago

            Yes, homophobic, transphobic, pro- rape wrestler AJ Gray

          • Here we go another fan who thinks everyone has raped someone there literally hasn’t been any allegations against Gray so your just talking out your ass loser don’t use the homophobic card pussy

          • AppleJuiceBox 1 week ago

            AJ gray literally was called out for being homophobic, transphobic and rape jokes. Keep defending a piece of shit. Stupid ass

          • If he’s so homophobic why is he in Second Gear Crew with Effy you dipshit you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about maybe u need some better sources cuz your just talking out your ass kid

          • Nope 1 week ago


            He’s a piece of shit that doesn’t deserve food on his table

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