Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix 2020

Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix (Day-1) 8 Aug 2020 Full Show Online

Dailymotion 1080p FHD
Part 1Part 2Part 3


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  • Admin wtf is this wait 1490 shit or post on Facebook or twitter some people don’t want there irl friends to see that they’re watching Joshi wrestling lol like tf

  • Kadrion 1 month ago

    Day 2 is up hopefully u can upload it soon thank u for all ur hard work

    • Prodighy147 1 month ago

      where do you find out when they upload it?

      • Kadrion 1 month ago

        If ur talking about when stardom uploads it just go to stardom world and go to the most recent show they have and u check how many matches they have uploaded of the show already and when they upload all the matches thats when the full show is out

        • Prodighy147 1 month ago

          I hadn’t realized that, I just saw the calendar and hoped they would upload it to some website
          Thanks for the information

  • Akmer de Joshen 1 month ago

    Hoping we can get day 2 soon

  • Ayy, it’s finally here. thanks dude

  • Prodighy147 1 month ago

    Thanks man

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