Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix 2020

Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix (Day-2) 9 Aug 2020 Full Show Online

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  • Horrible new policy on the site.

  • George Asencio 1 month ago

    Wtf is this shit. You just made it so anyone using a TV browser can’t use your site any more cause this shit don’t work. I tried the tweet and the Facebook and just get no connection with plugin please close this window and try again. Sorry but I’m going to another site to watch this now if you gonna keep doing this crap.

  • BostonKid617 1 month ago

    I retweeted, but unable to watch?

    • admin 1 month ago

      sorry to read this, clear your browser cache and try if still unable to watch please reply

      • BostonKid617 1 month ago

        Working now. Is this a new thing now? Every time we visit site we have to retweet or share on facebook?

        Thank you

        • admin 1 month ago

          we need some social trafic , i had requested many time to all users but no results thats why we applied the restriction . sorry for the inconvenience caused

          • BostonKid617 1 month ago

            Oh i see! Will do my best to retweet! Thanks

          • Kadrion 1 month ago

            I retweeted but it still wont work cant i just watch after the time limit is over also about the retweet thing do u realky want this site to get out there bc it could be taken down potentially if enough people retweet it just wondering

  • Prodighy147 1 month ago

    Thank u

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