Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix 2020

Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix (Special Event) 28 Sept 2020 Full Show Online
Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix 2020 – Tag 9: 5STAR Special In Korakuen

Stardom 5 STAR Grand Prix Special Event

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  • Tommy 2 weeks ago

    Newest stardom show 10.04.2020 Nagoya is up in Stardom world please upload whenever you can

  • claxton 2 weeks ago

    Submission Underground 18 replay ? Thanks

  • redland 2 weeks ago

    thank you so much for upload this, also could you please upload Tokyo Joshi Pro(TJPW) please? thanks.

  • BostonKid617 2 weeks ago

    Will you show Black Label Pro Turbo Grasp today ? Thanks again for the awesome shows! YOU ARE THE TRIBAL CHIEF!

  • Will u add BLP turbo grasp tornament

  • Thank you dude! pleade upload the 3 October show once it becomes available!!

  • Tommy 2 weeks ago

    Finally, thank you very much.

  • wichi 2 weeks ago

    I have another video equal to 1080p and this here is not 1080p, gg this web

    • Tommy 2 weeks ago

      Admin does all of this for free on his free time, so stop bitching or go and pay fucking money for streaming service and watch it there you retard.

      • Fockyou 2 weeks ago

        Read and understand first idiot, I also have anothers platforms to watch stardom videos and in much better quality and frames so see ya

  • AppleJuiceBox 2 weeks ago

    Quit being a bitch and add the AAW show. You coward

    • Kadrion 2 weeks ago

      Yo dude chill lol ur being way too pressed for some stuff that the admin doesnt have to upload tf is ur problem

  • AppleJuiceBox 2 weeks ago

    Quit being a bitch and add the AAW show. You fucking coward

    • biblak 2 weeks ago

      if you can’t wait go and pay for it you cheeky greedy cunt

    • You sound like an ugly boy.

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