• Hassan Maqsood 1 month ago

    I do share the shows mostly . Thankyou for uploading them . Plz also upload :
    1. NOAH Stay Together Forever ’20 Day 1 and Day 2
    2. AJPW Chiba Extra Dream 24
    Would be highly appreciated.

  • jon hobner 1 month ago

    it was a great show

  • Thanks for the timeliness.
    These shows have been great.
    Glad fans are there.

  • Jojojo 1 month ago

    thanks so much again man, these shows have been very good

  • BostonKid 1 month ago

    AWESOME! Will you be posting recent events from Basara, Ice Ribbon, Zero1, 2AW, Freedoms, SEAdLINNNG, Dragon Gate??

  • thanks bro, you’re amazing

  • Yes I Do
    I Have A Wrestling Group and I Always Share The Shows From This Site And Watchprowrestling.com
    u doing great and we suport u bro
    (i’m here from the begginig)

    • admin 1 month ago

      thanks for the appreciation and support

  • Nehmeziz 1 month ago

    You Are Amazing bro, Thanks

  • Prodighy147 1 month ago

    Wow man, this is amazing… Thank u

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