Stardom: Sendai Cinderella 2020

Stardom: Sendai Cinderella (11.15.2020) Full Show Online

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  • Not only the 14th November show but also the 21st November Stardom. Still waiting for 14th November Tokyo Joshi Pro show.
    Anyhow, many thanks for uploading these latest episodes of the Japanese promotions. Much appreciated.

  • Jisso 20 hours ago

    Thanks man, there is any chance u can upload Marvelous???

  • BlackLand 22 hours ago

    thank you but could you also upload 11.14 korakuen hall show where there was a tag team title match? anyway thanks for uploading this show!!

  • Quackhell 2 days ago

    Wow thanks for the huge content drop. I know the site has been getting bashed at times, but it still greatly appreciated by many.

  • pete 2 days ago

    thanks for uploading really appreciate it but would say though i wouldnt put the thiird part up if it not been encoded because in middle of watching it and get to third part and i now cant finish match and have to wait and match not same. but still appreciate it 🙂

  • Thank You !!

  • 14????????????????????????
    this only upload what others upload, but in poor quality

  • Monaco 3 days ago

    Thank You. I know you’ve been getting alot of shit on this site because of the responses but Thank You very much I appreciate your work.

  • huggo nitche 3 days ago

    day 14/112020

  • 11.14.2020???

  • biblak 3 days ago

    bless you bruv

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