Stardom Yokohama Cinderella 2020

Stardom Yokohama Cinderella (3 October 2020) Full Show Online

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  • Isoel 2 weeks ago

    Hey r you going to post the wrestle on assemble from oct 1

  • Kadrion 2 weeks ago

    Thx my man for all ur hard work also the show on the 14th is up for stardom so upload that whenever u can

  • Apples 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for not add the aaw show. I doubt the collective won’t be added either. You fucking coward.

    • Isoel 2 weeks ago

      Yo go watch in another fucking website he is doing the best just shut the fuck up

  • Will gcw collective be added?

  • Wicki 2 weeks ago

    Thanks bro, but do you know why it doesn’t have subtitles?

    • Was ripped from Samurai TV or whatever. A shame because this show had angles which we needed to read!

  • BlueLand 2 weeks ago

    ADMIN, nothing against your page, but you didn’t upload any new shows from TJPW, NOAH, AJPW and USA indys you just uploaded stardom when on your main page, you encourages us to visit this page because of the variety. i hope you understand this, there are more promotions out of stardom, for example: TJPW last show was on sunday and its already up on its page, NOAH too, they had two shows the week before on wednesday and on sunday, besides that i saw the AJPW archive and last year you uploaded the whole Champion Carnival 2019 tournament (which was 19 shows) and this year Champion Carvival was only 6 Shows and you didn’t upload, its a pity knowing that this page upload these companies.

    • DUDE, it’s a one-man operation. He gets way more traffic with Stardom the others.
      PAY UP on DDT UNIVERSE if you want it now, DUDE!
      Commie freeloader!

  • Prodighy147 2 weeks ago

    Thanks bro, can you get it in 1080p?

  • Isoel 2 weeks ago

    Thank you bro keep it coming love woman wrestling

  • Let’s gooooooooooo!!! Thank you, dude!!! keep’em coming!!

  • Quackhell 2 weeks ago

    THANK YOU!!!

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