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  • Daniel Lamb 2 weeks ago

    Pls. add IWA Prince of the Deathmatches 2020 and Primos Slave to the Deathmatch 11

  • Kadrion 2 weeks ago

    New stardom shows r up

    • Donald Rump 2 weeks ago

      Not the compiled card, just the single matches.

  • Penguin 2 weeks ago

    will you be continuing to upload the new stardom and tokyo joshi shows? thanks in advance for everything you do.

  • Tommy 2 weeks ago

    Stardom just uploaded 10.03.2020 Yokohama Cinderella and 10.04.2020 shows are uploaded to stardom world, please upload them when you can specially Cinderella show. Thanks in advance!

    • Donald Rump 2 weeks ago

      Stop spreading FAKE NEWS!
      The COMPLETE shows are not uploaded yet (Oct 6 9:00PM EST), just individual matches are.
      This site needs the compilation of the matches in ONE file to upload.
      Learn how the internet works before you spread FAKE NEWS!

  • claxton 2 weeks ago

    Thanks , do you have LFA 92 replay ?

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